Hello and welcome to the final newsletter for this year. Someone recently asked how we change negative patterns to bring more positivity and abundance into our lives. This is an important question and I think very fitting for the holiday season.

Jung says the first step to changing any behaviour is to become conscious of it. Understanding our unmet needs through recognising our feelings around a subject is vitally important. We may have a habit of overanalysing events and situations in a black and white manner, rather than an intuitive (flexible) way. Aligning ourselves with what we think is real, rather than allowing ourselves to feel what is right, can lead to problems. To truly know ourselves, thinking AND feeling need to work in harmony, just as we must acknowledge the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ within us all. I presented on this in Maleny recently.

Be completely honest and take time for reflection. Ask yourself, for example, “How do I really feel (the sensation rather than the thoughts) about money?” “What is my primary need not being met and how does money tie in with this?” Write, think, reflect and FEEL. This is Shadow work, and it’s vitally important to change patterns not working for us.


We must see ourslves as being worthy of good things in order for us to attract good things. Do some deep soul-searching for those good things to appear in your life, and your loved ones’ lives by extension. For more information, you are welcome to see my professional Facebook page: or Spiritual Psychology Network:

May you and yours enjoy life’s mythic moments this season and beyond.

Best wishes,

Dr Toula