Jung Society April 2023

I recently presented a talk to Queensland Jung Society members on how we can know ourselves better through the process of individuation. I used the myth of Chiron and the wounded healer to describe my own journey to wholeness. This included the physical and metaphysical methods I used to heal my painful adolescent “wounds”. These wounds that commenced during my teen years, were triggered in my late thirties by professional stress, then re-triggered again in my late forties by personal family stress. The result was the spontaneous creation, and later refinement, of what is now called Story Image Therapy (SIT®) and SIT education. This is the topic of my soon-to-be published second book, The Rise of Jung in Me.


The holistic approach I used to heal my adolescent pain forms the foundation of my teaching and counselling SIT system. My journey to its creation, grounded in academic and practical psychological and spiritual research has been life-changing. My new approach is based on science (academic research I call Jungian action research), spiritual psychology and adolescent healing/shadow work inspired by the teachings of Dr Carl Jung and the ancient Stoic and Taoist philosophers.

The Jung Society audience asked a number of questions about my sojourn journey to Self. Members showed great interest in my personal and professional story, including some mystical experiences I cannot explain. It is these numinous experiences that Dr Carl Jung would describe as the “real therapy” to heal a neurosis. In my case, anxiety over not doing enough to help improve young people’s resilience. My talk was so well received that I’ve been asked to present on a similar topic to Brisbane Theosophical Society on the 7th June this year. Everyone is welcome. Details will be advised on my facebook page:

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