Reaching ‘Sylvaheim’

Hello and welcome to this month’s newsletter on peace, prosperity and reaching Sylvaheim. It has been an exciting month! Not only have people purchased copies of Shadows of Sylvaheim for the young people that they live or work with, but they’re beginning to see its value as a teaching and counselling tool for all ages. […]

MM 3

Finding Happiness

Carl Jung had a difficult life. His mother had a breakdown when he was three, his father lost his faith as a minister and became an irritable hypochondriac, and Jung was badly bullied at school. He was introverted, aloof and had no friends. As an adult, Jung broke with Freud and suffered a breakdown that […]



When was the last time you sat alone outside your home, looked up at the stars, and contemplated your place in the universe? Or sat beside a river or stream, reading or observing the ripple of the waves or the leaves swaying in the breeze? If you have ever sat to watch the mesmerizing movement […]

Book Signing at Caloundra 8 with Lucy blog

Book Signing – Caloundra Book Shop

We had a successful book signing at Caloundra Book Shop on Sunday.  Thank you to all who stopped for a chat about our new book ‘Shadows of Sylvaheim’ . The Book Shop at Caloundra has copies for sale in store.   THE BOOK SIGNING Yesterday marked the timing of my first “official” book signing,and like […]