Hello and welcome to this month’s Mythic Moments newsletter.

Most of the clients I see experience anxiety in some way. Some only for a short time
and some for weeks, months and often for years. So, how do we overcome it?

There are many people who claim to have the answers, but do their methods actually work? Maybe.

If you want to know if something is likely to work, then how about learning methods that people have been using for two thousand years?

Surely, if something has been repeated for generation after generation, it is because it has some merit or worth.

The ancient Greek and Roman Stoic philosophers spent their whole lives studying life. Here are ten tips they said could help with anxiety.
1. Focus on the little things – take one step/day/action/insight at a time
2. Practice gratitude – make the most out a situation and be grateful for the learning
3. Have no opinion – remind yourself that you don’t have to have an opinion about things
4. Stop caring what others think – care only about what you do / think / say / feel
5. Process your emotions – don’t ignore or squash them, but face and work through them
6. Don’t suffer imaginary troubles – recognise imagination is not reality and stay in the now
7. Choose not to be harmed – decide you will not to be harmed by others’ actions, words etc
8. Go for a walk – leave your phone and thoughts of work at home and walk daily
9. Keep a journal – get in the habit of journaling every day
10. Grab the right handle – one bears weight, making you stronger and one disempowers you
For more information on how to achieve these, Ryan Holiday (a renowned Stoic author) has some great ideas.
Please see his YouTube video – How the Stoics Dealt with Anxiety:


Gaining control of our anxious thoughts is vital for a good quality of life. So, do yourself a favour.
Take a few minutes to watch Ryan’s video. You will be glad you did.
That’s it from me this month and enjoy the mythic moments in your life.