Hello and welcome to this month’s newsletter on peace, prosperity and reaching a place of inner knowing that I call ‘Sylvaheim’.

It has been an exciting month! Not only have people purchased copies of Shadows of Sylvaheim for the young people that they live or work with, but adults are also beginning to see its value as a teaching and counselling tool for themselves.

‘Sylvaheim’ (pronounced silver-heim) is the name I give to the place where we strive to achieve wholeness. A place where our conscious and unconscious minds meet. How can we achieve this? There are a variety of ways we can reach Sylvaheim. For me, it begins with meditation and personal reflection.

For example, I recently celebrated a milestone birthday. A supportive family member had a beautiful cake made up as my book and had to travel a long way to pick it up. As I reflected upon the magnificent cake, and the actions of the person who travelled far to get it, I realised several things:

  1. I am loved. What a precious thing it is to have people who know us so well, yet still love us.
  2. I am fortunate. Surrounded by family and friends on my birthday weekend, I realised how fortunate it is to have these special people in our lives — people who take time out of their busy life to support us during a special time in ours.
  3. I can still be surprised. I had never seen a cake like this before. I was delighted to find that you could get a printer that spits out edible ink in a pattern just like a normal printer. It is nice to know that at any age, we can still get surprised!

Take time to reflect upon and enjoy the mythic moments in your life. And may you reach your version of Sylvaheim, your place of inner wholeness… whatever that is for you.

Cheers, Toula

P. S. The Shadows audiobook is available on various platforms, including Audible, and the novel is  on Amazon: