Book Signing at Caloundra BEST

We had a successful book signing at Caloundra Book Shop on Sunday.  Thank you to all who stopped for a chat about our new book ‘Shadows of Sylvaheim’ . The Book Shop at Caloundra has copies for sale in store.


Yesterday marked the timing of my first “official” book signing,
and like a pauper seated for fine dining, I needed some reminding
I was now a published author in front of the Caloundra bookstore.
Suddenly a known writer, my work had never been brighter, 
and I gazed in awe and wonder, especially at those much younger, 
waiting in line for their signed copy of Shadows of Sylvaheim.
Emotions swung the former night – excitement again combined  
with imposter fright – when the shop owner said he would do more…
he’d put copies of my mythic novel on the shelves of his bookstore