When was the last time you sat alone outside your home, looked up at the stars, and contemplated your place in the universe? Or sat beside a river or stream, reading or observing the ripple of the waves or the leaves swaying in the breeze?

If you have ever sat to watch the mesmerizing movement of fish swimming in a tank, or sat in front of a fire, staring into its flickering flames, then you likely will know the enormous benefit of taking the time to sit, ponder and reflect on life. To do this effectively, must do it alone and often.

I have deliberately called my therapy SIT (as in to ‘sit’ and read a story or ‘sit’ and ponder an image). This is because taking time out to sit and reflect is something that we are not doing enough in our modern world. We are all too busy rushing around, overthinking and stressing over the smallest things, that we forget that we are part of something greater than ourselves and our immediate problem or problems.

When we connect to nature, just as our ancestors have always done, we are reminded of our own true nature and the world doesn’t seem so bad.

Take the time to ‘sit’ in solitude, like Jung, as often as possible. It will help you to restore your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

May all your mythic moments be magical!

Best wishes, Toula

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